The 30th Annual Sauerbraten

Luxembourg Brotherhood of America

The 30th Annual Sauerbraten

On April 28th, Section 15 held their 30th Annual Sauerbraten Dinner at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling. Over 225 attendees celebrated their heritage while enjoying an outstanding dinner, and live music by Die Musik Meisters.

The Sauerbraten was prepared with a recipe furnished by Section 15 member Megan Hansen, and its taste was well-received by those attending. Ansay & Associates of Belgium, Wisconsin provided beer and wine. Michael Ansay is a member of Section 15. Other sponsors were Wintrust Financial Corporation, Haben Funeral Home, Marquette Bank of Chicago, and Michael Janet, State Farm Agent, who is also a member of Section 15. Many thanks to our sponsors.

As a result of the evening, Section 15 welcomed four new members: Jeff Kaup, Sue Kelly Long, Ron Mueller, and Gerald Mueller. Welcome to Section 15!

Congratulations to Section 15, and the Sauerbraten Committee, (Chairman Steve Hansen, John Hansen, Megan Hansen, Bob Hansen, and Dick Witry) for a job well done, and another great Luxembourg Brotherhood of America Event!